Clinical Skills Certificate Course:

A-scan Ultrasonography (Biometry)


Course level:

This course is intended for ophthalmic assistants, technicians and technologists.

Course structure (no CE credit):

This course consists of short, illustrated reading segments. There is a quiz at the end of the course. Upon passing the quiz, the user will receive a certificate of completion.

Estimated time to complete:

One hour.

Short Course Description:

This course on A-scan ultrasonography (Biometry) includes discussion of basic concepts, scanning procedures, instrumentation, pseudophakic A-scan instruction, immersion A-scan instruction, intraocular lens power calculations, and A-scan biometry vs. optical biometry.

For the Detailed Course Description, see below

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Detailed Course Description

Basic concepts of A-scan biometry, including:

Gain level
Optical axis
Spike height
Corneal compression
Velocity of sound

A-scan Scanning procedures, including:

Hand-held method
Tonometer mount method
Immersion method
Probe positioning
Scan evaluation
Aphakic scan
Measuring gates
Extra lens spikes
Corneal compression

A-scan Instrumentation, including:

Gate Protocol
Automatic acquisition
Gain control
Audible signal
Corneal compression recognition
Foot switch operation
Probe tip
Menu operation
Adjustable settings
IOL formulas

Pseudophakic A-scan instruction, including:

Factors to consider
IOL Material
Measuring Protocol
Evaluating the scan

Immersion A-scan instruction, including:

The problem
The solution
Equipment needed
Hansen shells
The Prager shell
The procedure
Potential problems

Intraocular Lens Power (IOL) Calculations:

Types of formulas
Theoretical, including: Holladay, Hoffer Q, Haigis
Regression formula calculations
Regression formula compensation
Regression formula table
Emmetropia and ammetropia
Post refractive surgery IOL power calculations, including the History method, and the Contact lens method

A-scan Biometry versus Optical Biometry

Includes discussion of the IOLMaster 500, Haag Streit Lenstar LS900, and IOLMaster 700