Clinical Skills Certificate Course:

External Eye, EOM, and Orbital Anatomy and Physiology


Course level:

This course is intended for ophthalmic assistants, technicians and technologists.

Course structure:

This course consists of short, illustrated reading segments. There is a quiz at the end of the course. Upon passing the quiz, the user will receive a certificate of completion.

Estimated time to complete:

One and one half hours.

Short Course Description:

This course on external eye, extraocular muscle, and orbital anatomy and physiology includes discussion of eyelids and eyelashes, conjunctiva, episclera, sclera, rectus and oblique orbital muscles, orbital regions, and sinuses. Evaluation of systems, diseases, treatments, imaging, examination, and history taking are included.

For the Detailed Course Description, see below

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Detailed Course Description

The Eyelids and Eyelashes
   Benign and malignant growths of the lids
      Eyelid hygiene
   Charlazia, Hordeola, and Styes
   Dermatochalasis and Blepharoplasty

The Lacrimal System
   Secretory system
      Tear film
   Excretory system
   Evaluation of the secretory system
   Evaluation of the excretory system
   Congential Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

The Conjunctiva, Episclera, and Sclera

The Conjunctiva
   Introduction / Anatomy
      Allergic conjunctivitis
      Bacterial conjunctivitis
      Neonatal conjunctivitis
      Viral conjunctivitis
      Giant Papillary conjunctivitis
   Subconjunctival hemorrhage
   Pinguecula and Pterygium
   History taking for the red eye

The Episclera

The Sclera

Extraocular Muscle Anatomy and Physiology

The nine diagnostic positions of gaze
Planes of action and axes of rotation
The Medial Rectus
The Lateral Rectus
The Superior Rectus
The Inferior Rectus
The Superior Oblique
The Inferior Oblique
Table and Diagram Summaries

The Orbit

Regions of the orbits
Openings on the orbits
Imaging of the orbits
   CT scan
Diseases of the orbital region
   Orbital cellulitis
   Idiopathic orbital inflammation
History Taking
Clinical Examination
   Proptosis (exophthalmos)