How to make a payment for someone else

A common example of this is an administrator making a payment for an employee. An alternative to the methods below is to have the employee pay and reimburse the employee.

Make a payment for one person:

You will need the username and the password of the person you are making the payment for, and you will need a list of courses that the person wants.

1) Login using the person's username and password.

2) Hover over the "courses" tab on the top menu bar. Click on the "course catalog" link.

3) Follow the instructions on the page. You will click on the box next to the courses that you want, and then you will click "add to cart".  Choose either or Paypal for payment processing. Any of the fields can be changed to your information. When ready, click "checkout". If using Paypal, you will go to the Paypal website for payment. You do not need a Paypal account. If not using a paypal account, ignore the login fields and click the link to "pay with a credit card".

You will be sent a receipt with the total amount paid via e-mail.  We will send a detailed invoice to the e-mail of the registered user.

Make payments for more than one person:

If you are paying for just a few people, you can use the method described above. We have alternative methods of payment for larger groups. Use the "contact us" link on the top menu bar to request more information.