Diagnostic Tester Training - Description

"Diagnostic Tester" refers to an assistant in the ophthalmology office who is assigned to OCT scanning, automated visual field testing, the auto-refractor, the auto-lensometer, and manual lensometry. The idea is that a new assistant can be trained fairly quickly on this instrumentation and can become a contributing member of the eyecare team right away, while beginning to train to become a well rounded technician. Some offices/clinics are busy enough to employ one or more assistants who are full-time testers. Tester training can be followed up with the 12 Week Course for New Hires.

Diagnostic Tester training is initial training in six testing modalities commonly found in ophthalmology offices/clinics:

The trainee may be assigned to one or more modalities, depending upon the needs of the employer.

The purpose of this basic training is to give the trainee valuable knowledge as to:

The training consists of reading material on the subject matter followed by a short quiz that will reinforce what was learned and test the trainee's knowledge. Once the quiz is passed, a certificate of completion can be printed for the trainee's file. 

It is important to know that this is not "stand-alone" training. This training must be accompanied by hands-on training with the instrumentation. There are spaces on the certificate to record when the training took place, and by whom.

The Diagnostic Tester Training course can be ordered (after login) from the course catalog, or from this link.

Training outline: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanning of the macula

Training outline: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanning of the optic nerve

Training outline: Visual Field Testing - Automated

Training outline: The Auto-refractor and the Auto-lensometer

Training outline: Lensometry- manual