Save 33% on CE Courses


JCAHPO has raised by a whopping 66% the fees that must pay to present continuing education courses (CE courses).

Because of this, we must either discontinue CE courses or increase what we charge you from $10 per CE credit to $15 per CE credit.

Our current contract continues until March 7, 2022. Until March 7, 2022, our rates will remain at $10 per CE credit.

Therefore, you can save 33% on your CE credit costs by planning to take your CE credit courses with us before March 7, 2022.

Keep in mind that you cannot repeat a CE credit course within a given certification period. In other words, you cannot claim the same course twice during a certification period. You can check which courses you have taken, and which dates you took them, by going to your "My CE Credits" page after login. There is a link to this page on the "courses" tab on the top menu bar.

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