How to use the prep course as your "independent study course"

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If you are taking the COA Exam

JCAHPO requires you to pass an "Independent Study Course" quiz (exam) before you can apply for and take the COA certification exam. The reason that people take the COA Exam Prep Course is that the independent study courses do not cover enough information for you to be able to pass the certification exam.

There are only two "approved" Independent Study Courses: 

1. The AAO Course is the most expensive, $175 for text and exam

2. The JCAHPO JCAT Course is less expensive at $115 for text and quiz.

The third way to complete this requirement is to use the COA Exam Prep Course as your study course and complete the JCAT online quiz, which you can purchase separately from the JCAT text for $35 (save $80 from the package price of $115).  We will provided you with our "JCAT quiz review" which discusses each question on the quiz and helps you easily arrive at the correct answer for each question. We give you information of how and where to purchase the JCAT quiz.

When to take the JCAT online quiz:  Since the quiz is online (you get the results and letter instantly), you can wait until just before you submit your certification exam application to take the JCAT quiz. You have at least 6 months of access to the COA Exam Prep Course. You may want to submit your certification exam application when you have about 2 months of prep course access left. If you have little experience as an ophthalmic assistant, you will be better prepared for the JCAT quiz after a few months of prep course study. 

If you have already taken and passed the required JCAT or AAO quiz, you can use our "JCAT quiz review" as a review of the information on the 175 question quiz. The format is such that you can quickly read through the important information that the quiz is testing.  


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