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Mr. Gallimore,

Just wanted to say, "nice job" on all your basic Optics tutorials, I intend to recommend them for all the Univ. of Tenn residents for their basic Optics information. I studied them completely, almost all in fact, and found them to be coherent, sensibly presented and fun/easy to read. The best of all worlds.

Many times the Ophthalmology residents do not get exposed to this basic of all optics information, as we teach so much for the clinical with an "eye" towards the OKAP exam (sorry to say), but this would give them a resource for a much greater source of information about Optics in general and basic Ophthalmology examination in particular. Thanks for all your great work. 
Roger Deshaies, M.D.

Dear Mr Gallimore,

I am an optometrist student from the UK studying at Aston University and am writing to you to convey my appreciation of your excellent website, It has really helped me during my exam period for revision and the way you explain complex concepts in a clear and concise manner with diagrams is excellent.

Thank you for your website and all the best!

Sajid Waraich

Comments from the course evaluations:

"This will be very beneficial in performing my every day duties. Thank you. I will be back for more!"

"The module information was wonderful. The information was explained in a more understandable form. Doing these classes online was much better and more understandable for me than sitting in a lecture."


"Very user friendly and easy to understand. Good review, and also some very useful "new" information."

"I am very please to have online courses. Not only are they convenient, but the information is great for reference. I wish this info was available when I was fresh out of school years ago."

"I thought the online credit modules were excellent. The review and the presentation of the ocular motility module and fundus photos were phenomenal. Computers are wonderful teaching devices and some of the things you did with the ocular motility module were amazing. The visual fields were also excellent review and I learned new concepts and I have a better understanding of the automated printout."

" I was very happy to be able to earn credit hours at home on my computer at my own pace. The visual graphics on the program helped tremendously."

"Thank you for a great study experience!"

"Programs like this help build confidence in techs."

"I have taught plus cylinder review courses, student technicians, 1st year residents....very well written and easy to follow course, well done."

"I am so happy to have a reasonable and informative website to obtain CE credits. Thanks for adding questions/modules to this site!"

"Excellent reviews! Very impressive graphics. I learned more on these modules than at any lecture or review course I have ever been to. Thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work!"

"Thanks so much for having this available - it works out great with my life style (working mom with small children)."

"Great way to gain cont. ed credits. I live in a very rural area. Tremendous!"

"I enjoyed the modules very much. has been the most instructional, user friendly, online CE credit provider that I've encountered in my 51/2 years in ophthalmology. The author is very knowledgeable in course content and I appreciate the time and attention and thoroughness that is brought forth in the modules. Great job!!! Note on module 9: Although I found the module a great tool for review, the graphics were hard to follow. Because I've taken A&P in college I understand what the author is conveying. For someone who has never had a study in A&P, a more anatomically correct graphic may be helpful."

"I think that it is a great way to be able to get credits."

"I loved this. It was very helpful and easily understood."

"I thought very highly of the way this information was presented. This was even better than going to some lectures. I was already familiar with most of the information presented. I have never seen it presented so clearly before. It was very easy to absorb. It is a great way to get CE credits. Keep on writing new modules. These were great."

"The material is easy to understand."

"Very well organized and presented."

"I really enjoy the on-line courses. It is very convenient and efficient. I hope you design more of these kind of courses in the future."

"This is the second time I have taken these credits from you. I was surprised to see additional modules added and find that they are very informative. I have been encouraging others in our office to review the modules even if they do not need the credits because I feel very strongly that the information provided in each module is of great help to me both in finding information that I knew and forgot and for things I was not aware of."

"Very good material - learned alot! Great way to get J***** credits! Thank you!"

"This group of classes was a great refresher for COT's. The courses were very well outlined and easy to follow."

"This was an excellent way to get credits! Thanks! Please keep me informed of future opportunities."

" I am enjoying these online learning modules. The animation really helps. Keep up the good work and keep adding!"

"Very pleased! They were well written and informative. I hope to see more new modules in the near future."

"Enjoyed being able to work on CEU's on my own time. Would like to see more of these on the internet. Thanks!"

"This is an excellent program that I will highly recommend to others! It is very thorough information that is presented in a clear way - making it much easier to understand. Thank you!"

"I really appreciate these courses. They were very informative - some new material, some review. It was a great way for me to earn the needed extra credits to be re-certified. I thank you for making these available to us and appreciate all the work behind it."

"Thank you for providing this valuable and educational service."

"I really enjoyed Module 5 - It was a good review of muscle evaluation and was explained well. Also Module 4 was a very good review with some very salient points about the finer aspects of a thorough refraction process."

"This is the first time I have taken a course online and was very impressed the material presented. Keep up the good work!"

"Excellent course (Module 7)! It helped out a lot with some difficulty I was having. For example, reaching neutrality and starting with with-motion."

"I am very pleased with the ease of this process. Thanks."

"I was very happy to find this economical way to earn credits! Thanks!"

"These were great! Very informative. I look forward to the next group!"

"I found this a most efficient and enjoyable way to get continuing ed credit. It was organized very well."
"The Best!"

"I thought that overall both courses were well organized, informative, and interesting. I recommend your courses to all the techs and assistants in my office. Thanks!"

"I am very please to have online courses. Not only are they convenient, but the information is great for reference. I wish this info was available when I was fresh out of school years ago."

"Great for review. Thanks for the quick calculation method for induced prism."

"I have taught plus cylinder review courses, student technicians, 1st year residents....very well written and easy to follow course, well done."

"Great information! Concise and pertinant. Wonderful!"

"Where were these courses back in 1981???"