Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC)

OSC certification is currently the only JCAHPO certification that does not have pre-requisites.

This means that anyone can take the exam, and if you pass the exam, you are certified. Eyetec.net now offers a comprehensive OSC Exam Preparation Course. This combination provides some distinct advantages:

  • Ophthalmology practices that need scribe assistance for their doctors now have an efficient and inexpensive training option.
  • Ophthalmology practices that hire people "off-the-street" with little or no experience in ophthalmology to train to be ophthalmic assistants/technicians now have an efficient and effective method to begin training. The scribe training provides a basic level of knowledge to build upon. The training also results in a level of certification, which provides some "professional" status and encourages higher levels of learning and certification.
  • "Outside" Individuals who want to enter the world of ophthalmic technology now have another option. There are not many schools that offer ophthalmic assistant/technician certification. A person cannot be tech certified through on-the-job training without job experience, and practices do not prefer to hire people who do not have exerience.

The course can be ordered from the course catalog after login, or you can order from this link (after login).

Job description of an ophthalmic Scribe:

  • The role of the scribe is to assist the physician with documentation of the patient's medical record.
  • The scribe accompanies the physician into the exam room to transcribe the history and examination as given by the patient and the physician.
  • The scribe, under the direction of the physician, transcribes the impression and plan, results of tests, prescriptions, and orders.
  • The scribe documents any procedures that may be performed by the physician or ophthalmic medical personnel.
  • The scribe transcribes any consultations or discussions with family members.
  • The scribe does not usually directly assist with patient care, but may do so as directed by the physician.

How to become a certified ophthalmic scribe:

1. Take the Ophthalmic Scribe Exam Prep Course available throught www.eyetec.net. More information below.
2. Take the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification Exam which is available on the JCAHPO Eyecaremarketplace website. More information follows.

Information about the Eyetec.net Ophthalmic Scribe Exam Prep Course

The fee for the course is $47 for 3 months of access.
The course includes the following topics:
  • ophthalmic anatomy and physiology
  • ophthalmic diseases, treatments, and surgeries
  • general medical knowledge
  • medical terminology
  • medical abbreviation and acronyms
  • medical prefixes and suffixes
  • history taking
  • scribing and EMR
  • confidentiality
  • coding
  • consent
  • medical legal
  • triage
  • ethics

Prep course structure:

Short reading modules are followed by quizzes that reinforce learning. Each question can be immediately reviewed/repeated. Quizzes can be abandoned and will begin where the user left off. Each quiz can be reviewed after taking. Quizzes can be repeated. There is a exam practice test with the same number of questions as on the real exam (125). The exam practice test has exam content questions in the same percentages as on the actual exam. The exam practice test can be repeated.


Information about the ophthalmic scribe certification exam (quoted from the JCAHPO website)

The Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (JCAHPO®) is offering the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC®) examination. The Ophthalmic Scribe Certification examination is designed to test the knowledge of creating and maintaining patient medical records under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. These records include the documentation of a comprehensive patient history, physical examination, medications, lab results, and other essential patient information. This examination is CMS Stage 2 Eligible Professional Meaningful Use Core Measures Compliant.
This open resource* examination is comprised of 125 questions in five core content areas:
•  History Taking
•  Ophthalmic Patient Services and Education
•  Ophthalmic Terminology
•  Medical Ethics & Legal Issues
•  The Medical Note/Records
This product is the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification examination only. The examination price includes one attempt, to be completed within 14 days after beginning the examination. Each additional attempt requires you to re-purchase the examination.
Certified Member- $20
Non-Certified Member - $40
Non-Certified - $60
FAQs: Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC®) Examination (from the JCAHPO website)
The new OSC examination is now available online at EyeCareCE.org.
Q: How do I purchase the OSC examination?
A: The examination is purchased through EyeCareCE.org. Enter JCEX1000 in the search bar at the top of the page.
Q: Once purchased, how do I access the examination?
A: Under the My Courses tab on the EyeCareCE website. Once logged in, you will have immediate access to the
Q: How long do I have to complete the examination?
A: From the time you begin to answer questions on the examination, you will have 14 days to complete; not 14
days from the date of purchase.
Q: What is the price of the examination?
A: When you are logged into your account, the ‘your price’ fee will appear based on the criteria below. Without
being logged in, the pricing will show $60 for both member and nonmember pricing.
Q: How do I know if I have passed or failed the examination?
A: You will receive an immediate pass/fail response when you submit your examination for grading.
Q: Can I retake the examination if I have failed?
A: You may retake the examination after a 24-hour waiting period; call JCAHPO at (800) 284-3937 to have your
examination status re-set in order to take the examination again. There is no limit to the number of times you
can take the examination, however you must call JCAHPO each time to have the examination re-set.
Q: Is there a cost to retake the examination?
A: The fee to retake the examination is the same as the original purchase based on the criteria outlined above.
Q: If I fail the examination, is there any feedback?
A: Within two weeks you will receive a feedback report at the e-mail address on your JCAHPO account. Feedback
will provide the percentage of incorrect answers within each category of the examination. You not receive
information as to which questions they got right or wrong.
Q: How do I get my certification information if I pass the examination?
A: A link to print a temporary certificate will be available with the immediate pass/fail response. An official
certificate will be sent via U.S. Mail within four weeks of passing the examination.