Eyetec.net has many ways to help ophthalmic administrators and ophthalmic trainers manage/educate your eye care staff:


Yearly staff compliance training

Yearly Compliance Training: Universal Precautions and Infection Control, Confidentiality (HIPAA), Network Security (Cybersecurity)

Why waste valuable staff meeting time and trainer time when employees and new-hires can self-train inexpensively on their down time. This course provides post-tests to document employee engagement in the training. Click here for more information on the Compliance Training Course.


Training material for new employees

The Ophthalmic Assistant 12 Week Course for New Hires

This course is designed to supply the didactic training needed to take an unexperienced new hire to the level of a productive ophthalmic team member within a period of 12 weeks or less when supplemented with hands-on experience in a clinic environment. The course provides background in all content areas that are tested in the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology ophthalmic assistant certification exam. Daily quizzes provide reinforcement for the study material, a record of accountability, and a record of achievement. Click here for more information on the 12 Week Course.

Diagnostic Tester Training

This training is a way to get new hires productive right away. This allows you to evaluate performance before you committ to more extensive training. This training can be followed up with the 12 week course described above. Click here for more information on Diagnostic Tester Training.

The Ophthalmic Assistant Basic Training Course

(Not to be confused with the Ophthalmic Assistant Certification Exam Prep Course)

The Ophthalmic Assistant Basic Training Course is a mini version of the 12 Week Course. The content is just enough to get your trainee started. For a comparison of the two courses click here.

Ophthalmic Scribe Certification Exam Prep Course

We have recently added a prep course for the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification Exam. The ophthalmic scribe certification exam is currently the only Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology exam that does not have an pre-requisites. This means that anyone can take the exam. You don't need any prior ophthalmic experience to qualify. Our prep course is a great way to get a new employee with no experience started. Not only will they get great preliminary training, but they will also get a certification.

Front Desk/ Receptionist Training

Get your new front desk employees acclimated to ophthalmology.  The front desk / receptionist training course includes telephone skills training, or the telephone skills training course can be purchased separately.  The courses include quizzes and a certificate of completion.

Training Materials for Experienced Assistant and Technicians

Eyetec.net has many short courses designed to improved the clinical skills and knowledge of your staff. Below is a list of topics. Following this link for course descriptions and sign up.  A popular course has been Ocular Pharmacology, which helps techs get a handle on an important and complicated subject. Another popular course has been Intraocular Lens (IOL) Calculations, which helps your techs with this responsibility understand critical concepts. 

A-scan Biometry
Anterior and Posterior Segment A&P
B-scan Ultrasonography
Basics of Photography
Clinical Optics
Contact Lenses
External Eye, EOM, and Orbital A&P
Extraocular Muscle Skills
Fundus Photography and Fluorescein Angiography
History Taking and Gen. Med. Knowledge
Intraocular Lens Calculations
Ocular Pharmacology
Optical Coherence Tomography
Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy, Slit Lamp Photography, and Applanation Tonometry
Visual Fields


Encourage Certification

My experience over the years has been that the best method of improving the "education and training" of OMPs is to encourage certification. This provides a goal, a time frame to achieve the goal, and pride in the accomplishment. And along the way they actually learn something! To accomplish this we have exam prep courses, and we have CE credit courses that feature subjects that are covered on the exams.

Certification exam prep courses

We encourage you to encourage your technical staff to achieve certification via the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology. Certification helps employees take pride in their profession, it advances knowledge and skills, and it tells your patients that you provide the very best care in eye care.  Our exam prep courses for certified ophthalmic assistant , certified ophthalmic technician, and certified ophthalmic medical technologist are the complete package (nothing else to buy), with all the study material and practice questions needed to pass the exams. We also have a certified ophthalmic scribe exam prep course. Many offices offer to reimburse the employee for exam fees, if and when the employee passes the exam.  This gives the employee extra incentive to pass, and the office is spared from a possible non-productive expense.

How to make payments for your employees on eyetec.net

There are several ways for you to handle payments for your employees:

1) If you have multiple employees to enroll, we can send you a single invoice via email, through Paypal.  Once payment is completed we will enroll your employees via a coupon code for your employees, or via a list of user names that you send us. Use this form to contact us.

2) You can make a payment online yourself for a single user, but you must do so from the user's account.  You will need to login using the employee's user name and password.  Payments are handled through Paypal or authorize.net. If using Paypal, you don't need a Paypal account to make a credit card payment.

3) You can purchase one or more courses through your own login. You can then contact us and let us know who to transfer the course(s) to.

4) Some employers simply reimburse the employee for eyetec.net fees.  The user receives a Paypal or authorize.net receipt as well as a detailed email receipt from eyetec.net.