Universal Precautions and Infection Control


OSHA requires yearly training for your staff members who are involved in patient care.  We offer a service that inexpensively trains your staff members online:

  • No more yearly staff meetings to provide Universal Precautions training.
  • No need to repeat the training for new hires.
  • Staff members go to our website at their convenience to read the training material and take a post-test for verification.
  • Staff members print a certificate of completion to be placed in their employee file.
  • We send you an e-mail each year to remind you that yearly training is due.

Topics included in the training:

  • Hand Hygiene

  • Respiratory hygiene

  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure control

  • Standard precautions

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Engineering controls

  • Work practice controls

  • Management of biohazardous waste

  • What to do if you are exposed to a potentially infectious material

  Employees can sign up individually from the course catalog and you can reimburse them, or we can arrange for a group signup (use the "contact us" link at the top of the page).